The company is focussed on developing high-quality projects and delivering value for its shareholders through low cost, high margin production.


Embracing the most advanced technology to optimize the appraisal and development of natural resources.


Minimising the environmental impact of our operations and supporting the transition to renewable energy sources

Our Strategy

In the current climate, it is crucial to minimise environmental impacts whilst optimizing recovery. Caithness will use the latest advanced technologies to back up and improve its operations.


By improving the quality of data and accurately targeting hydrocarbon locations, we can greatly improve the chance of success and therefore accelerate the upstream phase, resulting in a reduction of appraisal costs and minimizing the environmental impact.


Due to rapidly rising costs, unstable oil prices and environmental concerns we believe the best strategy is to focus on high-quality acreage with potentially large reserves, close to infrastructure and local markets, allowing us to develop home grown clean energy for the communities where we operate.

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